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“Employees Engagement is the result of Mindful Leadership and a holistic Health Approach”

Our mission is to coach and advise companies to enhance the engagement of their employees with a mindful leadership and a holistic health approach.

Our 4 Key Points

House of Balance

The four pillars of our inputs are based on measurable and reliable HR metrics.

  1. Employee Promoter Score

Facilitate recruitment operations & proudness to belong to your company.

  • To become an Exemplary Employer 
  • To raise your Branding Reputation 
  1. Engagement Survey

“78% of employees said being recognised engages & motivates them.”

  • To develop your employee experience with proudness as well as your client experience
  • To raise “extra mile” behaviour 
  1. Turn Over

“75% of people don’t quit their job, they quit their boss.”

  • To decrease employee turn over 
  • To develop management skills & performance with a Mindful Leadership
  1. Absenteeism Costs

“Medical costs fall by $ 3.27 for every $ spent on wellness programs.” 

  • To reduce direct & indirect absenteeism costs
  • To increase health, wellness & wellbeing at work for best results

House of Balance® Office

Our Services

To build the path to improve your Employee Promoter Score, Engagement Survey, to reduce your employee turn over and your absenteeism costs, our services include

  • advice
  • training
  • workshops
  • seminars
  • leadership assessment
  • health courses training
  • prevention & consultation campaigns
  • professional & mindful space organization

Let’s talk about your issues and projects

Prevention Campaigns

Do your employees leave work in the evening feeling stressed or even arrive to work already feeling stressed?

What does our cell’s health have to do with performance?

Stress breaks down mineral deposits in the cell. This breakdown can have the following consequences:

  • loss of concentration ability
  • increased susceptibility to stress
  • a decrease in productivity
  • lack of drive
  • longer regeneration
  • psychosomatic illnesses (burn out)
  • low resilience…

In order to make a preventive diagnosis of this imbalance and their effect on your employee’s body, House of Balance® offers you to make a non-invasive, immediate and economic analysis based on your cell’s health: The concentration of the minerals and the toxic metals is measured directly on the cellular level. The measurement is very solid, reproducible and independent of the time of day.

The instantaneous measurement results allow immediate therapeutic actions.

In addition to this, we suggest you offer your employees a cardiovascular analysis with our Angio Defender innovative and non-invasive medical tool. When healthcare providers can assess a patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) years before symptoms exist, their patients are less likely to develop serious coronary problems later in life. The problem is, most of these tests are invasive, expensive and time-consuming, requiring highly trained medical staff to facilitate them. Until now.

The AngioDefender™ from Everist Health detects early stage CVD and atherosclerosis with a non-invasive test that’s fast and cost-effective. By combining patent-protected sensor technology with a sophisticated software algorithm, the AngioDefender allows providers to detect CVD and heart disease outside of conventional risk factors before a patient shows symptoms and without an invasive procedure in less than 20 minutes.

The system works by measuring endothelial function to detect coronary health issues, arterial diseases, pulmonary embolism and more. And when partnered with the Vascular Age Calculator, patients can calculate their vascular age to adjust behaviors and control risk factors.

The AngioDefender can also be used to monitor ongoing treatments for high blood pressure or cholesterol to prevent heart attacks, heart failure, and stroke.

Let’s talk about your issues and projects

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