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Prevention – Prediction – Health – Target-Oriented Measures – Corporate Health Management – Corporate Health Promotions – Personal Responsibility – Solutions – Exercise – Knowledge Transfer – Nutrition – Sport – Balance

The terms listed above are on everyone’s minds today, inspire us to change our way of thinking and encourage every company and individual to get to get involved in becoming architect of their own health.

We, as employers, have the duty to encourage and support our employees in staying healthy. The reactive strategy “sick-care” instead of pro-activ “health care” has put a heavy burden on the system and the companies in their cost structures and produced few sustainable and cross-company measures in the past.

A healthy, happy employee stands firm in life, at work and remains strong in his or her performance personally, in the company and in society and can thus be a valuable contribution to his or her family, environment and employer.

Those who are healthy are not absent – They are present in life!

Today, companies may, no should and must offer constructive and pragmatic solutions that serve the company, the employee, the individual and his or her personal environment and show recognizable changes – within a foreseeable time frame and in a good cost-benefit ratio.

It is clearly indispensable to link corporate health management with the digital world in order to make the benefits of each Corporate health promotion, measure demonstrably recognisable ROI and to accompany companies, insurance companies and employees in the optimal investment in their long-term health – with facts (reporting/statistics) and the right tools (Digital Health Platform –

The human is built for the “analogue” world and here the House of Balance® concept accompanies you and your employees on the way to becoming the architect of your own health – analogue and digital! Individually and in groups. On site and in our “Medical Wellness Center” with a comprehensive range of sports and exercise activities, a wide range of therapies as well as internal and external training and further education / impulse lectures and workshops ( on the subject of health prevention ( on your own responsibility.

Through cost-effective, pragmatic starting packages & offers, you can be sure that your employees are in good hands with us from as little as EURO 120 / year per person*!

We are the first company of its kind, drawing on many years of experience in the consulting and healthcare environment. We are built on strong partnerships.

Get to know us and our Business Membership and support your employees staying healthier! We are pleased to visit you in your company and introduce you to the modular, scalable and very flexible Corporate Health Management concept of House of Balance ® and work out your optimal B2B Starter Package for you.

Of course, your employees can also fall back on our B2C memberships at any time – in one of our existing and/or future centres in Europe. From * EURO 29.00/month nothing stands in the way of a daily visit to a House of Balance ® or a partner company!

We look forward to hearing from you,

Yvonne Fiedermann M.B.A. CEO House of Balance

*Memberships vary from country to country and are location dependent.

Who we are?

Get to know us and our services in the analogue and digital area and learn more about them for yourself and your company. We look forward to meeting you!

The health of your employees, your family and of course your own is a matter close to our heart.

Since March 2018, the House of Balance has been building a bridge between corporate and personal health management and into the preventive health care of each individual.

As responsible family members, employees and humans, we are all architects of our own fitness, health and well-being.

In our preventive medical health centres at various locations, you will find a wide range of therapies, exercise courses, further training and seminars.

We also offer professional life and business coaching as well as leadership assessments. All our services are certified and recognised. We work exclusively with certified specialists and tools.

In our partner practices (become a member as a therapist) and on-site in companies, we offer preventive, non-invasive medical and anonymous preventive measures (including analyses at cell level, workshops, physiotherapy consultation).

All our courses and workshops are available for 6 – 20 persons in our premises, as well as in your company.

We look after private individuals and companies on their way to the best possible health – this means for us, in turn, a reduction of time away from work or in your own life (!).

A healthy person takes part in life with pleasure and dedication and therefore comes to work with pleasure and motivation in order to contribute creatively to the company.


House of Balance is THE reference partner for preventative pro-activ corporate and personal health.

HOB Vision

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Creating and providing access to physical and digital health services from which any employee or individual can benefit at any time.


Creation of a first-class and scalable platform and network for health care in companies and individuals.

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High standard

Strong commitment