Preventative Corporate Health and
Personal Health Management

In the House of Balance® Corporate Health meets Personal Health in an innovative, modern, medical, scientific, approachable, standardized, scalable, digital and analog way – locally and internationally.

E = HL²

“Employees Engagement = is the result of a Holistic Health approach and Mindful Leadership” – House of Balance® 2018

“Through a holistic health approach in your company as well as a respectful management with heart, mind and transparent communication, you will get more satisfied and committed employees.”

“By taking responsibility for your own health, you can work on your individual health in a preventive and informed way; in this way you can pay into your own health “bank” every day and ‘save’ for a more flexible and fulfilling life in the best possible personal health.”

Become the architect of your own health!

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House of Balance @ ASEA European Conference News

House of Balance @ ASEA European Conference

House of Balance Management Team attending the ASEA European Conference with Founder Tyler Norton.

House of Balance

House of Balance @ ASEA European Conference

Wichtige Kundenmitteilung News

Wichtige Kundenmitteilung

WICHTIGE KUNDENMITTEILUNG Liebe Kundinnen und Kunden des House of Balance® Graz Liebe Präventions- und Bewegungsbegeisterte Wir bedauern, mitteilen zu müssen, dass der Vertrag mit dem Franchisenehmer…

House of Balance

Wichtige Kundenmitteilung

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