Advisory Board

House of Balance

Yvonne Fiedermann - CEO / Founder / Member of the Board

Yvonne Fiedermann

CEO & Founder / Concept Consulting

CV Summary
  • CEO & Founder of House of Balance and the HOB Consulting Concept
  • CEO Wildenmann AG
  • M.B.A. General Management
  • Since 2011 CEO Be You Coaching / Consulting (Leadership Development)
  • AVP at Credit Suisse – IT Private Banking
  • Manager Henley & Partners, Zurich

Learn, read,  teach, be humble.

HOB and me

The House of Balance is my mission in life. After 25 years of exciting work in and with various large and small companies, HOB pragmatically combines everything that I have learned, experienced and proven with a selected team of specialists. I am allowed to implement projects in a goal-oriented and customer-specific manner under my own responsibility.

The HOB connects, teaches, learns and grows thanks to and with strong partners and contributors.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
– Soren Kierkegaard

Joseph Godges

Joseph Godges

M.Sc., M.B.A., P.T., OCS.

Head of Therapy / HOB / Advisory Board

CV Summary
  • Adjunct Associate Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, University of Southern California, USA
  • Clinical Consultant and Content Coordinator HOBHealth
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Loma Linda University
  • Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology Loyola Marymount University
  • Master of Science, Physical Therapy U.S. Army-Baylor University
  • Bachelor of Science, Sports Medicine Pepperdine University

His rehabilitation programme for injured soldiers has been standard procedure for the past 30 years.

HOB and me

For a long time Dr. Godges worked with the world’s top researchers and clinicians in publishing highly-regarded clinical practice guidelines for common musculoskeletal conditions.

Now his role has transitioned into positions to foster the implementation of practice guidelines to transform the health of society to optimal levels through teaching, mentoring, and innovative technologies.
HOBHealth is transformative!

“People seldom improve when they have no model but themselves to copy.”
– Goldwin Smith

Uwe Fiedermann

Uwe Fiedermann

Consultant / Advisory Board

CV Summary
  • Head of the IT department of an internationally active metal trading company
  • Controller and Head IT Be You Coaching & Consulting
  • IT specialist
  • Business Economist

Veni, vidi, vici.

“For some there is therapy – for the rest of us there are motorbikes.”
– Unknown