Yvonne Fiedermann

CEO / Founder / President of the Board

Yvonne Fiedermann - CEO / Founder / Member of the Board

CEO & Founder of House of Balance and the HOB Consulting Concept.

  • CEO Wildenmann AG
  • M.B.A. General Management
  • Since 2011 CEO Be You Coaching / Consulting (Leadership Development)
  • AVP at Credit Suisse – IT Private Banking
  • Manager Henley & Partners, Zurich
  • Certified Big Five Reflector Assessement Trainer & Coach (PI Company)
  • Certified 360°Leadership Circle Assessment Trainer & Coach (PI Company)
  • Certified Integral Coach ECA/ICA/ICF
  • Certified Leadership & Business Coach ECA/ICA/ICF
  • Certified Family- and Partnercoach ECA/ICA/ICF
  • Certified Translator English / German

The House of Balance is my mission in life. After 25 years of exciting work in and with various large and small companies, HOB pragmatically combines everything that I have learned, experienced and proven with a selected team of specialists. I am allowed to implement projects in a goal-oriented and customer-specific manner under my own responsibility.

The HOB connects, teaches, learns and grows thanks to and with strong partners and contributors.

The House of Balance stands for

wholeness & meaningfulness in everything.

We stand >
For prevention.
For action instead of reaction.
For quality.
For process orientation.
For reliability.
For health.
For you and your needs.
For your family and your needs.
For your company and the profitability of your business.
For life.

we care for you