Yannis Baur

Head of Graphic Design

Yannis Baur

Student of French and History at the University of Oxford

Yannis has been studying in Oxford / UK since 2017 and is a partner of Be You Coaching & Consulting GmbH. He is the oldest of 4 children, grown up in CH, USA, UK, and AT. Yannis has freedom of decision and signature with regard to design and marketing in HoB.

Since 2016 Yannis is an integral part of the company as well as of all projects on the client side and therefore a highly appreciated and welcome part of every team and the management.

Like many of his generation, Yannis has an unmistakable feeling for design and IT; teaches himself all the necessary programs and can think through a process from A to Z including all its consequences. Yannis has learned in a short period of time how to create a detailed inventory on the client side and how to directly adapt to the respective situation and work towards a solution-oriented optimal result.

Privately, Yannis can be found in many different places: from the student party in Oxford, to the orchestra room with his violin, at the piano, at board games, on trips, exploring different cultures, cooking vegetarian dishes or simply in the middle of life.

Healthy nutrition, sustainable action for the benefit of our planet and its inhabitants and social thinking are Yannis’ character.

Our customers, patients and partners are welcome to contact Yannis directly at yannis.baur@beyou-coaching.ch

He is fluent in German, English and French and can communicate in any other language using his hands, feet and Google Translator.